- Who are BC4U, what can we offer YOU and why do so many students study with us? -

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  • We have a team of experienced, qualified, and dedicated tutors who are all based at perfectly situated locations throughout the UK. Covering the West Midlands and East Midlands area primarily but able to cover the entire country, BC4U are here to help students realise their dreams and develop their skills along the way!
  • All of our tutors have been hand selected due to their high levels of professionalism, knowledge of the industry and unquestionable competence in their chosen field.
  • We will provide you with all of the information, advice and resources to complete your chosen course with flying colours.
  • We will also give you advice on marketing, health and safety, how to handle clients professionally and how to develop your own personal skills and confidence.
  • Our inherent creativity, relaxed and welcoming approach and enthusiasm to delivering our ever growing range of courses has encouraged many students to return to us to learn more year upon year.
  • Our student’s progress through the courses means they are able to increase their CPC points, beginning to excel in their chosen field and in turn, becoming fantastic business people and demonstrating all of the skills needed to become excellent practitioners.
  • We boast a well established history of successfully trained students who are thrilled with the course syllabuses on offer, encouraging us to strive for more for all of our students, whatever their chosen course or skill set.
  • Not only at the end of a course but throughout the whole process, our tutors here at Beauty Courses 4U encourage feedback from our students so we are able to constantly maintain the quality of service we strive to deliver, day after day.
Who can benefit from training with Beauty Courses 4U?
  • Our range of courses are suitable for anyone in the beauty industry or anyone wanting to pursue a career in this field.
  • We are able train therapists who are looking to re-train for a career in the field of beauty.
  • We train therapists who are wanting to add to their existing therapies and personally develop their skills.
  • We are also able to train students who are completely new to the beauty industry.
  • We also train individuals who simply want to practise on friends and family as a hobby or way to relax, the choice is yours!

For more information on the full range of courses Beauty Courses 4U offer, please see here.


- Be the best you can be: would you hire yourself? -

East Midlands Training Academy

When it comes to the question, ‘Would you hire yourself?’ there really are only two options.
Simply put it’s either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

With this in mind, what you need to keep at the back of your mind is, if you were an employer, would you hire yourself?

If you answered ‘No’, why did you say this? From here on in you need to increase your skill set whatever they may be. From customer service skills to technical skills everyone has the ability to enhance their list of skills and learning new ways to become more proficient.

If on the other hand you answered ‘Yes’, good for you! Hold your head up high and continue to improve upon your current talents to achieve longevity and a happy clientele base.

Learning new skills

Of course, the possession of new skills is something that successful beauty therapists, nail technicians and hair stylists have integrated into their careers. While you are in the salon and working hard to establish a list of personal clients, you should be attending shows, fairs, classes and events that provide more learning opportunities and the chance to network with others.

Not to be naive, expect to experience something new everywhere you go, and don’t be afraid to try these new things, all will help to develop your skills and build upon your confidence and strengths. What may seem too difficult at first, too costly or too uncertain may actually product the highest return on your investment.

The key here is to understand the types of clients you are trying to attract, explore your options, and to implement new practices accordingly. As your skills develop, so does your opportunity to grow your client base, in turn increasing your chance to earn more money.

As you will know, new trends and fashions come from every new season and many of your future clients will expect you to be capable of performing. Having the mindset and confidence that you are able to deliver such demands will mean you are able to thrive, both now and across time. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to stay ahead of your competition through practice, practice, practice.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and any professional business person should embrace the chance to practice their skills.

Personal Development is key

So, looking back at the question, if you were an employer and had an applicant that was always seeking to improve, both on a personal basis and also in terms of a business plan, always put the client first and always paid attention to evolving trends, would you hire them?

Surely this is an obvious answer? Yes, of course you would so why not become that professional that everyone wants to hire or become your own boss and employ these kinds of dynamic and self motivated individuals?

Develop your skill set with BC4U

Learn with Beauty Courses 4U and discover the endless options available to develop your existing skills or learn something brand new. We are here to help and genuinely look forward to hearing from you.


- The importance of a good skincare routine -


We all know the importance of a good skincare routine. But is it really as simple as cleanse, tone and moisturise?

Here, experts from Beauty Courses 4U take a look at the best ways to look after your face.

With so many lotions and potions to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right products to leave you with a glowing complexion but panic not. We have the solutions but the first thing you need to do is to work out what type of skin you have.

Determine your skin type

If you buy products that aren’t appropriate for your skin, they will be ineffective, and may even worsen the situation.

Normal skin – is smooth and firm to the touch with small or medium sized pores. It doesn’t get too dry or too oily, and it only has the occasional blemish.

For people with normal skin we suggest that you cleanse and moisturise daily.

Dry skin – feels very tight and is noticeably flaky in areas. It can also look rough and bumpy.

Dry skin can be caused by lack of hydration or poor diet. Those with dry skin should find a deep moisturiser, use a spot treatment and use a moisturising night solution.

Oily skin – is greasy to the touch. Your face is visibly shiny and can have large pores that are more noticeable. Oily skin is also more prone to blemishes.

If you have oily skin, we suggest that you tone, exfoliate, use a spot treatment, and lightly moisturise once in a while.

Combination skin – is the most common type of skin. If you have combination skin, you tend to get oily around your nose, chin, and forehead area, and feel dry around your cheeks.

If you have combination skin you should exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise, and use a spot treatment.

Sensitive skin – burns easily and can react badly to certain cosmetics. Changes in weather can also irritate it so you need to be cautious and monitor it carefully.

Sensitive skin is very hard to deal with because it isn’t as durable as other skin types. You have to thoroughly test products before risking a purchase so ensure that you use a moisturiser, cleanser, and spot treatment suitable for sensitive skin at all times.

Learn with us

If you want to find a course in beauty and plan to specialise in facial skincare, consider one of our facial courses by clicking here to find out more.

- Embrace Change with Beauty Courses 4U -


They say it’s never too late to make a change and here at Beauty Courses 4U we know this is true from our own firsthand experience.

Are you looking for a new career challenge? Have you always wanted to break into the beauty industry, but never had the opportunity? Perhaps its flexibility that you crave, the freedom to work the hours of your choice and run a business on your own terms? Whatever your dreams we can help to make them a reality and transform your future into a bright one.

A career in beauty can give you all these things. So if you want a new start, or you dream of running your own business, we briefly explore how you can become your own beauty boss, whether it’s now or in the future.

Why beauty?

Beauty is big, there’s no disputing that. In fact, the number of beauty businesses in the UK has risen by over a fifth in the last few years, and it doesn’t seem that this is going to change any time soon.

The proliferation of businesses, which include beauty salons, hairdressers, and nail and brow bars, contributes billions to the UK economy.

The beauty industry is vibrant and exciting, with a wide variety of different roles and work options once qualified – including running your own business so what better choice is there?

Beauty Courses 4U founder, Cindy Bansal, said: “You would think the market was saturated but actually it’s an industry that just continues to grow.

“People who train with Beauty Courses 4U can see the wealth of opportunity out there.

“They realise they can start up small with minimal costs, work for themselves, strike that elusive work life balance and grow in what is a stable and lucrative marketplace.”

Getting started

What Cindy says is true, starting up your own beauty business is achievable – especially now that there is much more help available to adult learners than ever before.

Making a career change can be a daunting prospect, especially financially. The cost of training fees can put people off, but here at Beauty Courses 4U our range of courses are affordable and ideal for time starved students who are conscious of the pennies.


You can learn with Beauty Courses 4U on your own terms, with flexible hours so that you don’t have to give up your other commitments on short, intensive courses.

32-year -old Hannah Whitehall, from Leicester, recently undertook a training course with Beauty Courses 4U and one day dreams of running her own business.

Hannah said: “I absolutely loved every minute of my course. It was very daunting for me to go back to learning after so many years being a full time mum but for anyone considering it, it’s absolutely worth making the leap and just going for it.”

Hannah has a five year old son and was keen to find a career that would allow her a flexible work life balance.

“That’s what really appeals to me about this industry – it’s the flexibility. When I’m qualified, I can’t wait to start work in a salon and one day set up my own business.”

If, like Hannah, you want to make a change and the opportunity to break into a career in beauty, then choosing for a course with Beauty Courses 4U could be your first step forwards.

For more information, get in touch today and embrace the joy of learning with us.


- BeautyUK Show 2015 Review -

         BeautyUK Show 2015       Beauty Courses 2015       Beauty Course 4U 2015


Wow, what a fantastic time the Beauty Courses 4U team had last weekend!

We cannot believe it’s already been a whole week since we exhibited at the largest beauty show in the UK, the infamous BeautyUK Show 2015, but what a success it was!

With lots of interest and new students signing up for our courses, the whole team are over the moon with how the show went, especially as it was our first year exhibiting there. Thank you to everyone who helped us set up our exhibition and of course, to all the friendly people who visited us, we really do appreciate it.

A recap on the BeautyUK Show 2015

Birmingham’s impressive NEC welcomed thousands of beauty professional to the show where five shows collected under just one roof from Sunday 10th– Monday 11th May.

Visitors not only had the opportunity to see the latest spring/ summer 2015 launches in beauty, nails, tanning, hair and complementary therapies, but also enjoyed various seminars and demonstrations across the two day event.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team were, of course, on hand to help with any enquiries potential students had and sign up eager learners to one (or more) of our outstanding courses, there and then on the spot.

Plus, with lots of people interested in what we offer, our delightful and ‘oh so’ helpful Beauty Courses 4U team handed out lots of information, resources and advice to those wanting to go away and mull over the options available.

Conclusion on BeautyUK Show 2015

Overall, the show was a resounding success for us and we are absolutely thrilled with the interest generated from being at such a popular show.

The mix of hands on interaction with potential students and visitors as a collective group alongside course content discussions and practical demo’s helped to create a fully blended event which we were proud to be a part of.

The future of Beauty Courses 4U

Looking forward, Beauty Courses 4U hopes to go from strength to strength this year with further growth again in 2016 and every year afterwards to become the UK’s chosen provider for all health, beauty, holistic and personal development courses.

Getting in touch with us

As always, if anyone wants to know more about the full range of courses Beauty Courses 4U offers, please do not hesitate to get in touch today by calling 0247 767 1121.


- We’re counting down the days until the long awaited BeautyUK 2015 show at Birmingham’s NEC -


Well summer certainly is warming up, and what a great few months it has been for Beauty Courses 4U, the West Midland’s leading training academy specialising in Make Up, Beauty, Hair Styling, Nails and Holistic therapy courses.

After a busy few months in March and April, Beauty Courses 4U are now focusing our attention on our appearance at the city’s annual BeautyUK show on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th May at the famous NEC.

From this coming Sunday, over 600 hundred professional beauty buffs and inspiring training providers are exhibiting at this fantastic two day event where visitors are invited to find out about the latest trends and techniques coming up this year.

Beauty Courses 4U are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting on Stand H89 at this much-loved show where not one, but five shows, will be under one roof: BeautyUK, NailsUK, HairUK, BarberUK and Holistic Health, ensuring there really is something for everyone.

Based on its ever growing success, the BeautyUK show provides a fantastic opportunity to network with us, finding out more about the range of courses we offer throughout the West Midlands area and further afield, and also gain inspiration for the hottest new looks and styles around.

In addition to all of these fantastic features, the show will also see industry leading competitions from UK Nail Tech, National Make-up Artist Awards, BBA Masters and also the WorldSkills UK West Midlands heat to provide a fantastic full filled two day event for all involved.

A few words from Beauty Courses 4U’s founder, Cindy Bansal:
“Confidence is the key to feeling great and enjoying life, with a high percentage of British women admitting they feel more confident when wearing professionally applied make-up, donning gorgeous nails, having their hair styled or treating themselves to a relaxing massage.

With this in mind, if you are a focused individual wanting to join the makeup industry as a beginner or wish to develop your skills to a higher level, Beauty Courses 4U provides the perfect course to you so you are able to offer these services to your own client base in the future.’’


Why not come and visit Beauty Courses 4U on Stand H89 at Birmingham’s NEC to find out more about the range of courses on offer and turn your dreams into reality?

To find out more about this year’s BeautyUK show at Birmingham’s NEC, visit 

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