Month: August 2015

- Be the best you can be: would you hire yourself? -

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When it comes to the question, ‘Would you hire yourself?’ there really are¬†only two options.
Simply put it’s either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

With this in mind, what you need to keep at the back of your mind is, if you were an employer, would you hire yourself?

If you answered ‘No’, why did you say this? From here on in you need to increase your skill set whatever they may be. From customer service skills to technical skills everyone has the ability to enhance their¬†list of skills and learning new ways to become more proficient.

If on the other hand you answered ‘Yes’, good for you! Hold your head up high and continue to improve upon your current talents to achieve longevity and a happy clientele base.

Learning new skills

Of course, the possession of new skills is something that successful beauty therapists, nail technicians and hair stylists have integrated into their careers. While you are in the salon and working hard to establish a list of personal clients, you should be attending shows, fairs, classes and events that provide more learning opportunities and the chance to network with others.

Not to be naive, expect to experience something new everywhere you go, and don’t be afraid to try these new things, all will help to develop your skills and build upon your confidence and strengths. What may seem too difficult at first, too costly or too uncertain may actually product the highest return on your investment.

The key here is to understand the types of clients you are trying to attract, explore your options, and to implement new practices accordingly. As your skills develop, so does your opportunity to grow your client base, in turn increasing your chance to earn more money.

As you will know, new trends and fashions come from every new season and many of your future clients will expect you to be capable of performing. Having the mindset and confidence that you are able to deliver such demands will mean you are able to thrive, both now and across time. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to stay ahead of your competition through practice, practice, practice.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and any professional business person should embrace the chance to practice their skills.

Personal Development is key

So, looking back at the question, if you were an employer and had an applicant that was always seeking to improve, both on a personal basis and also in terms of a business plan, always put the client first and always paid attention to evolving trends, would you hire them?

Surely this is an obvious answer? Yes, of course you would so why not become that professional that everyone wants to hire or become your own boss and employ these kinds of dynamic and self motivated individuals?

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