Career change- Five top tips


Five tips on how to make a successful career change

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If you’re thinking about switching career paths, here’s some excellent advice from our BC4U founder, Cindy Bansal.

Don’t get into the mindset that you only have one chance to change career:

“When people start talking about their “true calling” or “finding their dream career” it adds a lot of pressure to an already difficult decision.

People change career direction several times in their life, so try to think in terms of what you would like to try next. That said, the lucky ones find a career they love and never look back, like me for example! The key is to think about the kind of skills you enjoy and are good at, the environment you’d like to work in and the kind of people you want to work with.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three areas, you’ll be clearer in your decisions on where you would like your career to go, be it hair, beauty, massage or henna, and so forth. Just remember, you can always change your mind or develop additional skills at a later date.”

A gradual approach to changing your career can work well for many people: 

“While some people want to reinvent their career overnight, I would say that it is far more realistic to work towards a new career over time. This might mean making changes in your current job, studying a with Beauty Courses 4U to develop your existing skills or generate new ones, shadowing someone in the role, or learning new skills to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

It might also mean that you gradually move into your new career via a series of jobs rather than one giant leap – this is why studying with the UK’s leading training academy is ideal for you. Our fantastic range of courses can help you when you need it the most so why wait? Take your pick from our range of courses available and embrace your potential today.

Network with people in your chosen sector: 

“The best way to understand the internal culture of a business and the way it treats people, including during their recruitment process, is to talk to those currently employed with the company. Spread your net wide – from junior to senior employees to really understand how it all works.’’

The first steps to take when thinking of changing career: 

“Your starting point is to really think about what’s important to you in a career. What sort of working environment do you think you’ll be happy in? What energises you most work-wise? And what do you naturally love doing and are good at?

All these questions will help you to identify some possible avenues. Spending a bit of time thinking about yourself and what fulfils you will help you to make the right choices when it comes to developing your skills in the beauty industry- you’ve just got to think about what it is that you really love doing.”

You need to believe that it really can happen: 

“One of the hardest things with a change of career is, believing that you can do this new task, and do it well. We tend to think of ourselves as a stay at home mum, a part time waitress or an accounts assistant for example.

That’s what seems to define us. Now we have to re-define ourselves and begin to believe it deeply inside us.

Once we believe it, others will too. As soon as you start believing you work well in this industry, your confidence will flourish and you will begin to shine!

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